Age article featuring issues relating to MYOB Tax Table updates

Fairfax article featuring issues relating to MYOB Tax Table updates

MYOB Accounting Plus v13+ (or older)


MYOB Premier v7 (or older)


2003 Accounting Edge

Tax Table Update

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Tax Table Updates for the newer more current versions of MYOB (including the new Flood Levy) are now available from our friends at FGH Tables. FGH Tables provide 3rd party Tax Table updates for all recent versions of the MYOB stable of products.

If you require 3rd party MYOB Tax Table updates for newer versions of MYOB without the necessity of upgrading your MYOB program, click this link.


Australian MYOB Tax Table update completed ready for

Flood Levy adjustments effective

July 1st, 2011



Figures loaded from 2011 Cyclone/Flood Reconstruction Levy adjusted Tax Table Updates issued by the Australian Taxation Office for payments made after 01.07.2011






As most MYOB users would be aware, in order to obtain the update Tax Tables from MYOB users must pay an annual subscription to "MYOB Cover". MYOB package the support subscription with the current version of their software, which is available directly from MYOB for $799.00 or from retail outlets.

Unfortunately for those that only require the Tax Tables without support there is no alternative to the full package.

MYOB announced in January 2007 it will no longer support any version of it's software which are now more than 2 versions preceeding the current version, a further announcement in January 2008 added to the deleted support list any version older than 3 years old.

Subscribing to MYOB Cover in effect results in an upgrade to the current version of the software, which may not suit all users of the software. Some users, like me, are quite happy with the older versions and aside from Tax Table support happily have no ongoing need for the support packages nor the newer upgraded versions of the software. I personally, had never contacted MYOB support.

Version 13 is the last version of MYOB which contains a text file based Tax Table which is user amendable. As such my updated Tax Table files will only function with

Accounting Plus v13 or older, and Premier v7 or older along with 2003 ver Mac Accounting Edge .

(ie Versions 14 and 8 respectively through to current will not benefit from this update)

A reversion to Version 13+ or Premier v7 will enable the use of this Tax Table update.

From Accounting Plus Version 14 onwards, MYOB have written the Tax Table file in a coded format which serves to frustrate any efforts to manually update it, along with I imagine setting up a claim of copywrite over the contents. With over 700,000 businesses world wide using MYOB and requiring the Tax Table updates in it's accompanying Support Package .... a very clever move that creates a multi million dollar income stream.

MYOB software has without doubt developed into an impressive and sophisticated stable of programs, and the current versions encompasses some very impressive and dazzling functions and options if you have a business that can utilise that sophistication. Many users have no use for any more than that basics that is provided by what their older versions offer. Some users are just happy to stick with what they know and what they have.

I downloaded and test drove the Accounting Plus Version 17 (demo) and from the perspective of my own needs I found it basically the same in looks and function as Accounting Plus Version 13 with no additional features that would be of much use to me.

The tax table file within MYOB has to comply with the Tax Office figures and has to contain those figures exactly as released. The MYOB file in Version 13 and older is relatively easy to update manually with a text editor from the figures published by the Australian Tax Office.

The updating I do to the file is not overly complex nor is there any secret special computer nerd magic, or fairy dust, it is merely time consuming. Updating is not only easily possible, with a little knowledge, patience and drive it can be achieved by mostly anybody. The $52.00 I charge for the updated file would equate to couple or hours of time for someone to manually do it themselves.

I update the file for my own use as the need arises, and because there is no other option for users not wishing to upgrade, I'm offering my updated tax table file for $52.00 to anyone who wants it. I've amended the file over the years for my own personal use, which is still the case. The file was never amended singularly for the purpose of sale.

I've tested the update in a coupe of older Accounting Plus Versions which has worked fine. Previous version MYOB files are basically identical in format to the tax file in MYOB Acounting Plus Ver 13.

Although I havent checked other MYOB products which contain a payrole module such as Premier, the Tax Table update works in Premier v7 or older.   I also have the Mac compatible Tax Table update for Accounting Edge of the same year, 2003.

I have only adjusted the table applicable for my own use, which is limited to the 8 general tables as listed below simply because I dont require the additional tables.

No tax free threshold claimed
Tax free threshold with leave loading
Foreign residents
No TFN resident
No TFN non resident
Full Medicare exemption
Half Medicare exemption
Tax free threshold no leave loading

By purchasing the file you acknowledge and accept that I offer the file without any warranty or claim, athough I'm happy to discuss issues and offer suggestions if I can.

The Tax Table file I offer is the same Tax Table I use myself. I have updated the file many times over the years and file certainly works for me and I'm using it in a practical business environment.

I'll provide simple easy to read instructions for it's application and use, and they are written for people with only basic computer knowledge. I include a copy of the applicable sections of Tax Office table along with instructions on how to check the function and accuracy for your own peace of mind prior to use. 

No actual changes are made the MYOB software as such. The changes made relate only to the Tax Table figures MYOB calls upon to calculate PAYG payments.

An important point to mention is that by following the simple intructions, the changes made by using the updated Tax Table are not permanent and are completely reversible at any time. When reading the instructions I have included explanations to describe the processes to alleviate any possible fear and apprehensions.   

I do suggest you follow these instructions to double check the figures against a tax table for your own peace of mind. I may be able to provide limited other tax categories.

I'm also interested in obtaining or purchasing original copies of Version 13+ or older for redistribution with the current Tax Tables. If you have any copies, please let me know.


The update was written specifically for the Windows release of Accounting Plus Version 13 (my version). It does work in older versions of Accounting Plus, along with MYOB Premier and Mac Accounting Edge released in 2003.   It does also work in other MYOB products released before 2004, please note my aim is simply to cost effectively keep my own Version 13 upto date and not provide broad ranging support accross the entire range of MYOB products.

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